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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pobeda 4 - 1 Milano

Blagojche GeshoskiGround: City Stadium "Goce Delcev" Prilep
Referee: Marjan Markovski (Ohrid), Marjan Eckovski (Ohrid)
Yellow cards: Aceski, Savevski, Nastoski (P)
Man of the match: Blagojche Geshoski

              • [5] Dameski - Pobeda
              • [24] Geshoski - Pobeda
              • [30] Jovanovski - Milano
              • [45] Obradovic - Pobeda
              • [90] Nestoroski - Pobeda

Tofiloski, Obradovic, Danailov, Cuculi, Dameski, Mizdrak, Aceski (Savevski), Jovanovic, Nastoski (Nestoroski), Geshoski, Tripunovski
Milano: Nuredinovski, Ilievski, Lazarevski, Ristov, Jovanovski, Statovic, Gashi, Manevski, Alili (Aliu), Stojanovic (Alomerovic), Gligorovski



Monday, March 10, 2008

Pobeda 4 - 1 Napredok

Ground: City Stadium "Goce Delcev" Prilep
Referee: Vladimir Kiprijanovski (Skopje)
Yellow cards: Dzangarovski (Napredok)
Red card: Kapinkovski (Pobeda)

              • [29] Kapinkovski - Pobeda
              • [33] Nastoski - Pobeda
              • [35] Pop-Panec - Napredok
              • [45] Aceski - Pobeda
              • [90] Tripunovski - Pobeda

Pobeda: Tofiloski, Obradovic, Danailov, Cuculi, Dameski, Mizdrak, Kapinkovski, Aceski, Nacev (Jovanovic), Nastoski (Ivic), Geshoski (Tripunovski)
Napredok: Korunovski, Mickovski, Arslani, Panev, Askov (L.Iliev), Angeleski, Trpenoski (Nastov), Dzangarovski, Nicheski, Ibraimi, Naumovski (Levkov)



Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Transfer market - winter 2008

In: Lazar Kuzmanov (Napredok), Vlado Danailov (Kazahkstan), Vasko Altiparmakovski (Makedonija GP), Igor Savevski (Renova), Nikola Tripunovski (Napredok), Adrijan Cuculi (Shkendija), Mirko Baranic (Borac), Todor Mizdrak (Hrunester), Milosh Ivic (Zeleznicar), Dushan Sredoevic (BSK)
Out: Toni Meglenski (Elbasan), Rok Itua (Shkendija), Borche Manevski(Milano), Rodrigo Almeida (Switzerland), Marko Gjorovic (Serbia), Zilson Da Silva (Beslidija)

* Lazar Kuzmanov, the former goalkeeper of Napredok move to Pobeda after the end of the transfer market
* Vlado Danailov, that was played in Kazahkstan last year is the newest aquisition of our team. Previously he was played for Milano, Karaorman and Tikvesh
*Darko Tofiloski, the first goalkeeper of Pobeda and member of the nationa team under 21 will spend a next week on trials in the Norwegian club Lov Ham
* Blagoja Geshoski is on trial in Romania while Aleksandar Krsteski as a part of his rehabilitation process is in Monte Negro
* Huge disappointing for Pobeda fans. Yesterday, Toni Meglenski signed for football club Elbasan from Albania
* 18-years old midfielder Mende Lazarevski is on trial in Prilep. He is a player of Pelister and if he proof his quality next days will sign for Pobeda
* Zilson Da Silva, Brasilian player will continue his career in Albanian football club Beslidija
* The future in Pobeda is uncertain for one of the most perspective defender Aleksandar Krsteski
* Borche Manevski definitely signed for a football club Milano from Kumanovo, the team on a second position on the table
* Rok Itua, midfielder from Congo signed for Shkendija from Tetovo after he left Pobeda. Itua was part of the champions team last season


Monday, March 3, 2008

Sileks 1 - 0 Pobeda

Ground: City Stadium in Kratovo
Referee: Aleksandar Stavrev (Skopje)
Yellow card: Zarevski (Sileks), Savevski, Kapinkovski, Mizdrak Nestorovski (Pobeda)
Man of the match: Gjorgji Zarevski (Sileks)

  • [44] Zarevski - Sileks


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friendly matches

24.02 Pobeda-Sloga Kraljevo
22.02 Pobeda-Novi Sad
20.02 Pobeda-Turnovo 1:1 (63' Nestoroski))
18.02 Pobeda-Dinamo Vranje 2:1 (22' Dameski, 41' Geshoski)
13.02 Pobeda-CSK 0:1


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Building the new team

Yeah. It’s the middle of the season and we are in the phase building the new team. The half of the first team has moved to other teams in Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Switzerland. We got some Serbian and Bosnian footballers with unproven quality from small teams. The only real quality player is Adrijan Cuculi member of Macedonian national team under 21. Nikola Tripunovski, Igor Savevski and other new players should proof in next months that are good to play in the first team and replace players like Meglenski, Manevski or Itua.
In the same time, the management of our team is in very bad position. Financial situation is miserable. Few times footballers were in strike. They will strike again if management doesn’t consolidate financial stability and players not get the regular monthly wage.
On the other side, the fans are expecting not just to play in some European cup, but to strive for the champion title that in this moment is impossible.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Name: Goce Delchev
Address: Vasko Karangeleski bb
Capacity: 15.000
Seats: 7.000
VIP and media capacity: 400

City Stadium on Google Earth: