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Monday, May 25, 2009

Aleks Vrteski back in Perth Glory

Aleks Vrteski-GoalkeeperAfter two years in FK Pobeda Prilep, the Australian born member of the Macedonian U21 national team, moves back to Perth Glory.
The 20-year-old goalkeeper made eight A-League appearances for Perth Glory in 2006-07 before moving to Macedonia in FK Pobeda from Prilep. Since then, Vrteski became regular member of the Macedonian U21 national team and had successful appearances in the Macedonian First League.
FK Pobeda have been in financial crisis in the last period and the problems in the club culminated with the eight-year ban by UEFA because of the match fixing scandal in 2004. The current situation forced the promising goalkeeper to move back to Australia and join his former club Perth Glory.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pobeda 2 - 0 Turnovo (17.05.2009)

Ground: City Stadium "Goce Delcev" Prilep
Referee: Aleksandar Stavrev (Skopje)
Yellow cards: Petrov, Dameski, N. Obradović, Stanojlović (P) Tunevski, Andonov (T)
Red card: Tunevski (T)
Man of the match: Nebojsha Stanojlović

      • [2] Stanojlović
      • [51] Nestoroski
Pobeda: Bozić, Krstev, Krsteski, J. Obradović, Mircheski, Petrov, Stanojlović, Tripunovski, Aceski (Deilson), Ljamchevski (Dameski), Nestoroski (N. Obradović)
Turnovo: Dimovski, Tashev, Mitrev, Vasilev, Karakolev, Tunevski, Andonov, Itua (Popchanovski), Miloshevik, Kovachev (Gjorgjiev), Tenekedziev (Lazarov)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goran Todoroski is a new coach of Pobeda

Goran Todoroski-Sivcho, former player and captain of our club and also one of the most famous futsal players in the country will be the new coach of Pobeda. Serbian coach Nebojsa Petrovic surprisingly left Pobeda after no more than 3 months at the bench of the former Macedonian champion. Together with him, 4 players from Serbia left the club: Stefan Lalic, Nebojsa Stanojlovic, Nemanja Obradovic and Igor Bozic, all members of football agency "Kick-Off".


Monday, May 4, 2009

Pobeda 2 - 1 Pelister (03.05.2009)

Moment from the match Pobeda-PelisterGround: City Stadium "Goce Delcev" Prilep
Referee: Zoran Boshkov (Negotino)
Yellow cards: Ljamchevski (P) Micevski, Spirovski (Pel.)
Man of the match: Mile Krstev

              • [6] Dimitrovski (Pel.)
              • [77] Krstev (P)
              • [87] Aceski (P)

Bozić, Krstev, J. Obradović, Mircheski, Petrov, Deilson (Aceski), Stanojlović (Momirovski), Tripunovski, Ljamchevski, Nastoski (N. Obradović), Nestoroski
Pelister: Petrovski, N.Petkovski, Jandrik (T.Veljanovski), Ristevski, Micevski, A.Veljanovski, Delovski, M.Petkovski, Spirovski, Dimitrovski, Glavevski (Bujchevski)



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Napredok 1 - 1 Pobeda (29.04.2009)

Ground: "City Stadium"-Kicevo
Referee: Marjan Markoski (Ohrid)
Yellow cards: Iliev, Dimov, Trpenoski, Cvetanoski, Nicheski (N) Bozić (P)
Man of the match: Blagoja Levkov

  • [11] Levkov (N)
  • [86] Krstev (P)
Napredok: Karamachoski, Mickoski, Angeleski, Jovanović, Stepanovski, Iliev, Dimov, Trpenoski (Stavrevski), Levkov, Cvetanoski, Nicheski
Pobeda: Bozić, Petrov, Krstev, Deilson, Mircheski (Aceski), Momirovski, Tripunovski, Nastoski (B.Jusufoski) ((Gj.Jusufoski)), Ljamchevski, J.Obradović, N.Obradović


Monday, April 27, 2009

Sileks 2 - 3 Pobeda (26.04.2009)

Ground: "City Stadium"-Kratovo
Referee: Vladimir Kiprijanovski (Skopje)
Yellow cards: Kosturanov, Milisavlevik, Ristić (S) Petrov, Deilson, Stanojlović, Nestorovski, Krstev (P)
Red cards: Ristić (S) Stanojlović (P)
Man of the match: Mile Krstev

  • [11] Gligorov (S)
  • [24] Stanojlović (P)
  • [33] Gjorgjević (S)
  • [45] Krstev (P)
  • [80] Deilson (P)
Sileks: Kosturanov, T.Dzangarovski, Mishovski, Boshkovski, B.Dzangarovski, Temelkov (Milisavljevik), Ristić, Gligorov, Andonov (Trajchev), Stupić, Gjorgjević (Donev)
Pobeda: Vrteski, Petrov, Krstev, Deilson, Nestoroski (Aceski), Mircheski, Stanojlović, Tripunovski (Gj.Jusufoski), Ljamchevski, N.Obradović (Nastoski), J.Obradović


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pobeda women's football club in the season 2008/09

Pobeda women's football club in the season 2008/09