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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pobeda 0 - 1 Turnovo (25.04.2010)

Ground: City Stadium "Goce Delcev" Prilep
Referee: Marjan Eckoski (Ohrid)
Yellow cards: Meglenski, Dunimagloski (P) Stoilov, Pandev, Trajkovski (T)
Man of the match: Cvetan Churlinov

      • [45] Churlinov
Pobeda: Pashovski, B.Veljanovski, Janković, Dameski, Meglenski, Spirkoski (V.Veljanovski), Shabani, Dunimagloski (Plastinovski), Petrović, Dimitrovski, Stojanov
Turnovo: Dimovski, Hristovski, Petrov, Stoilov, Pandev (Trajkovski), Mitrov, Milushev, Tashev, Stojanov, Kovachev, Churlinov (Mavrov)


Monday, April 19, 2010

Pelister 1 - 0 Pobeda (18.04.2010)

Ground: "Pod Tumbe Kafe"
Referee: Aleksandar Stavrev (Skopje)
Yellow cards: Presilski, Ristevski, Mircheski (Pob)
Man of the match: Toni Veljanovski

  • [60] Veljanovski
Pelister: Pavlović, Brdarovski (Stojanovski), Ganchev, Cvetkovski, Ristevski, T.Veljanovski, A.Veljanovski, Radonjić (Doknić), Altiparmakovski, Ljamchevski, Iliev (Simonovski)
Pobeda: Pashovski, Mircheski, Presilski, Ristevski, Spirkoski (Dunimagloski), Veljanoski, Dameski (Jovanović), Petrović, Stojanov, Shabani (Plastinovski), Dimitrovski


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Match-fixing ban on FK Pobeda is upheld

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has upheld an eight-year Europe-wide ban imposed by Uefa on Macedonian club FC Pobeda for match-fixing.

Uefa's life ban on club president Aleksandar Zabrcanec also stands. However the life ban imposed on the player involved, Nikolce Zdraveski, has been overturned on appeal.

The investigation centred on a Champions League qualifying tie between Pobeda and Armenian side Pyunik over two legs in July 2004.

Charges were brought against Pobeda due to reports of irregular betting patterns and statements from a number of witnesses taken.

CAS ruled that "the evidence brought by Uefa was sufficient to establish that the matches between Pobeda and Pyunik were fixed."

After exploring betting irregularities, Uefa's disciplinary panel ruled in 2009 that the two men had fixed the outcome of the qualifying match in which Pobeda conceded three goals in the first half during the home leg. Pobeda drew the second leg 1-1 in Armenia, losing 4-2 on aggregate.

Source: BBC


Monday, April 12, 2010

Pobeda 2 - 0 Teteks (11.04.2010)

Ground: City Stadium "Goce Delcev" Prilep
Referee: Zoran Petkovski (Veles)
Yellow cards: Shabani (P) Naumoski, Ristov (T)

Red card: Iseni (T)
Man of the match: Blagojche Rutevski
      • [18] Rutevski
      • [57] Dimitrovski
Pobeda: Pashovski, Mircheski, B.Veljanovski, Dameski, Meglenski, Petrović, Shabani, Presilski, Rutevski (Stojanov), Dunimagloski (Plastinovski), Dimitrovski (Ristevski)
Teteks: Jovanovski, Naumoski, Ristov, Iseni, Mishkovski, Stojković (Mustafa), Ristevski, Belchev, Peev (Uroshević), Redzepi (Stojanovski), Gligorovski


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sileks 3 - 0 Pobeda (03.04.2010)

Ground: "City Stadium"-Kratovo
Referee: Zoran Petkovski (Veles)
Yellow cards: Shalevski (S) Meglenski, Shabani, Stojanov (P)
Red card: Jeftimov (P)
Man of the match: Zlate Boshkovski

  • [30] Durić
  • [78] Nacev
  • [88] Boshkovski
Sileks: Bozinovski, Lampevski (Shalevski), Mishovski, Z.Boshkovski, Petrov, Temelkov, V.Trajchov, Gligorov, D.Trajchev (Stojanovski), Markovski, Durić (Nacev)
Pobeda: Jeftimov, Spirkoski (Ristov), Mircheski (Veljanovski), Damevski, Presilski, Meglenski, Petrović, Aceski, Stojanov (Srkeski), Dimitrovski, Shabani


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Renova 2 - 1 Pobeda (28.03.2010)

Ground: "City Stadium"-Tetovo
Referee: Dimitar Mechkarovski (Skopje)
Yellow cards: Ignjatovski, Bajrami (R) Meglenski, Stojanov (P)
Man of the match: Ilber Ali

  • [17] Ali (R)
  • [38] Ali (R)
  • [53] Dimitrovski (P)
Renova: Kovakević, Mickov, Ignjatovski, Bajrami, Memedi, Despotovski, Osmani, Angelovski, Bajrami (Gafuri), Todorovski, Ali (Janchevski), Toleski (Ismaili)
Pobeda: Pashovski, Veljanoski (Stojanov), Petrović, Dameski, Mircheski, Meglenski, Presilski, Ruteski, Aceski (Ristov), Dimitrovski, Shabani (Risteski)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pelister 1 - 0 Pobeda (24.03.2010)

Ground: "Pod Tumbe Kafe"
Referee: Vladimir Kiprijanovski (Skopje)
Yellow cards: Ljamchevski (P)
Man of the match: Jovica Stefanović

  • [9] Stefanović
Pelister: Petrovski, Ivanović, Cvetkovski, K.Ristevski, T.Veljanovski, Maglovski, Doknić (Petkovski), Stefanović (Simonovski), Ljamchevski, M.Altiparmakovski, Iliev (Tasovski)
Pobeda: Jeftimov, Petrović, V.Veljanovski, Janković, Mircheski, Meglenski (B.Veljanovski), Stojanov, Ristov, Aceski (Plastinoski), Shabani, Ginoski, B.Ristevski