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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Building the new team

Yeah. It’s the middle of the season and we are in the phase building the new team. The half of the first team has moved to other teams in Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Switzerland. We got some Serbian and Bosnian footballers with unproven quality from small teams. The only real quality player is Adrijan Cuculi member of Macedonian national team under 21. Nikola Tripunovski, Igor Savevski and other new players should proof in next months that are good to play in the first team and replace players like Meglenski, Manevski or Itua.
In the same time, the management of our team is in very bad position. Financial situation is miserable. Few times footballers were in strike. They will strike again if management doesn’t consolidate financial stability and players not get the regular monthly wage.
On the other side, the fans are expecting not just to play in some European cup, but to strive for the champion title that in this moment is impossible.


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